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Default Re: Fantasy hypothetical dream Munchkin sets thread

I will say this: I have several design projects on my plate this spring and summer, some of which are already scheduled and others that are a bit more speculative but that I expect to see at some point in 2017. (Working ahead?! Is that allowed?)

One of these design projects is something I've been wanting to do for years. A couple more are ones I've been hearing fans suggest for years. Steve has his own design list, with a couple of really big ideas on it. And Devin is burning up the booster tracks: the past few have been largely his work and he has another one coming out this fall, with more planned for 2017.

Even if I wanted to write a game that wasn't on my list, I wouldn't have time before the fall. (And that's not even mentioning the two I mean three stories I have lined up so far this year for the Boom! comic.)
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