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Default Re: Fantasy hypothetical dream Munchkin sets thread

Originally Posted by Damon Griffin View Post
Munchkin Pulp [/B]would be too broad for my tastes. While it does overlap steampunk, it also overlaps western (The Good, the Bad and the Munchkin), space opera (Star Munchkin), detective/true crime (hmmm...Munchkin Noir), and several others. You'd be mixing too many things at once, and as a result (a) none of the pulp subgenres would be adequately represented in a 168-card set, and (b) 15-card expansion packs might have no coordinating theme because they'd be spread across multiple subgenres.
Munchkin Pulp would have to be a base set and then the expansions covering a different genre.
I could get into Munchkin Noir.
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