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Default Re: HumbleBundle - Paizo/Pathfinder

Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post

Worth noting is that they are getting hammered. They currently have 48,000 donations and the average of $17 suggests that 2/3 of them are ordering the Beginner Box. For this reason the box is on back-order, and because they use a DRM system for the PDFs their servers are getting hammered (to be fair they'd probably be getting hammered anyway, but the DRM system adds enough overhead that getting the PDFs right now is not just slow but painful as well). Still, even with the delays, this bundle is well worth the price.
Yeah, I was one of those for the beginner box.

I will note that, if you can try to download in the wee hours of the morning (US), the pdf download isn't too bad. I managed 1/10th speed (about 1.5mb/s) for about half an hour when I woke up at 4am (MST). When I tried at 4pm yesterday, I was getting high dial up speeds (6.7kb/s).

Since they don't optimize their PDFs as well as SJG does, this means a very long time for a 230mb compressed zip file.
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