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Default Re: Fantasy hypothetical dream Munchkin sets thread

Originally Posted by collinc View Post
Licensed: Rick and Morty. I picture it sorta like the Adventure Time set.
I buy most of the Munchkin card sets that come out, boxes and foil/blister packs, but licensed properties create gaps in my collection. On the assumption I won't get the "in" jokes as well as a fan, I skip buying licensed sets for properties I'm not familiar with or don't care about: Axe Cop, Adventure Time, Nightmare Before Christmas, the Guild, Penny Arcade, Skull Kickers...

Originally Posted by collinc View Post
Unlicensed: Adult. Could have drinking or smoking components. Meh probably not a good idea.
Objectively, I can't say. I wouldn't be interested in it myself.

Originally Posted by collinc View Post
Schoolyard could be good. Classes and races like nerd or jock or bully. Monsters could be teachers or other members of authority. A lot could be done there.
Yes, that has possibilities.

Munchkin: British Invasion - No, this isn't about British rock bands, it's about all those folks who invaded Britain. Historical hijinks with Danes, Celts, Romans, Saxons, Normans...
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