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Default Re: Fantasy hypothetical dream Munchkin sets thread

Which is why I suggested this be for fun, and completely hypothetical. I used the word 'ideas' possibly misleadingly, this isn't meant for pitching things to Andrew, Phil or anyone else who shows up here, just trying to get a bit of a conversation going. We already know that SJG are on a strict schedule, and that everything that will be released is already set in stone. If anything anyone does say does eventually come into fruition, it's definitely coincidental.

Hell, after buying Munchkin: Adventure Time the other day, I'll likely buy anything with a Munchkin name on it anyway, regardless of it's theme.

EDIT: Wow that sounded ungrateful. I meant that in no way as a slight on the game, more on Adventure Time as a show, which I still hate after watching most of the first season. The Munchkin set is actually a really nice set, the best of the USAopoly sets so far.
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