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Default Does Lucifer still serve light?

I'm serious here. Lucifer has more or less brought the deepest and darkest aspects of humans and celestials into the spotlight, he's enlightened the entire world with respect to all things that we call dark.

If there is something hidden in darkness he'll bring it into the light. He'll drag it kicking and screaming into the light if needs be and he'll make sure everyone gets a good long look at it.

So it seems to me that he is serving light in a rather twisted way, but if that's the case how does it effect his character? Is there anything he wouldn't do because it would oppose the word?

Is there anything that would be opposing the word?

The things that bring moral darkness often bring intellectual light. Atrocities, for example, teach us a lot about what people are capable of and what drives us. I'm having trouble thinking of anything that doesn't somehow serve light in some interpretation of the word.
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