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Default Re: [Game] Generate a Space Trader Setting

Originally Posted by thrash View Post
There is no galactic empire as such, since the FTL drive makes a mockery of political boundaries and subdivisions. There are, however, a number of widely accepted conventions with the force of customary law, which allow traders to function throughout civilization with some sense of security. Some groups of worlds also from trade compacts or postal unions to further protect and promote their agendas.

Q: What kind of goods are most frequently traded?
Not if you think of it less like a continental empire and more like a maritime empire. Venice, Imperial Japan, and parts of the British and American hegemonies all depended on a series of sea stops with ocean in between rather then a definite border. Borders in any case were surprisingly ambiguous through most of history and had to wait until someone got it into their heads to do a proper survey. Even so they still can be kind of weird because settlement patterns never really are as neat as rulers want them to be.
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