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Default Re: Alphabet Brainstorm 3, High school

with Feign, he does seem silly, but there are ways to twist things: his physical form is probably not all that fixed. And its likely he gets created not out of a whim but as an exercise aimed at controlling powers.

I was going to do super soldier children for G as well -- though in this case an entire clan.

The Grendels

The batch of supersoldiers known as the 'grendels' were considered to be among the best: the results were both practical and didn't go renegade nearly as much as other experiments (which is to say, less than 20%). Due to the occult method in which they were made, no more can be created for another 52 years -- at least not from adult humans. The grendel treatment breeds true, and the school has about dozen siblings, cousins, and family friends walking its halls.

Grendels have deep gray skin, little body hair, and yellow eyes. They weigh more than the average human, but don't appear any more heavy set. Grendels have tough bones and tougher skin -- bullets generally leave bruises. They don't have super-human strength or speed, but they do have incredible eye-sight (and the steadiness to use that in combat) and a strong resistance to magic.

Each Grendel is named after a figure of legend, though all of the classics were taken by earlier generations. The grendels have strong sense of brotherhood and look out for each other. If you pick a fight with one Grendel, you pick a fight with all of them. They often quarrel with each other, though the fact is grendels really struggle to hurt each other. Grendels are often dismissive of the struggles of others and that gets them in a number of fights.

They generally do well in class. The parents like to try to stick their noses into school affairs, though many of them are off on duty at any given time. They could hire tutors, but they believe this is a good experience and networking opportunity. Grendels tend to be fierce patriots with a strong miltary spirit as well. Their parents generally face down normals.

Bullet proof skin, tough in general
Super vision -- can see accurately at 10 times human distance.
Resistant to magic: particularly magic that directly targets them.
There are a number of them

They lack super strength
Their powers are well known and understood

Proud of heritage and loyal to each other
Aquit the family well
All the cares of normal teenage life.
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