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Feign fits as far as I'm concerned. If he (?) Seems too silly in hind sight he is transitory by nature. The jar jar effect requires large amounts of screen time. However the next character is a bit darker.

For the student character "personality" could replace "motivation"


Golf's parents grew up in a secure facility run by the military their names where Foxtrot 8 and Delta 2. They where prototype supersoldiers grown from genetically engineered embryos and subjected to comprehensive enhancement treatments while they matured. Foxtrot was designed to be a rugged soldier and Delta was designed to be an infiltrator and honey trap.

They where not meant to fall in love. They where not meant to escape. They where not meant or expected to be able to have a child.

Foxtrot and Delta raised their daughter Golf in the wilderness staying away from civilisation and people whenever possible. When Golf was nine years old, men with guns found them. In the ensuing fight Delta lost her life. Foxtrot did his best to continue raising Golf but he didn't know much about the world or people. He was good at getting food to eat and holding his little girl at night. He taught his child what he could, how to read maps, how to live in the wild, how to be a soldier and how to fight. Foxtrot didn't know much else.

Another two years past before the men with guns caught up with Foxtrot and Golf. Assessing the situation Foxtrot realized that there was no way he was going to escape. So he turned to Golf, kissed her forehead, told her that he loved her and that she should run then hide. He turned and gave his life so that his daughter might have a chance at a life outside of cage.

Days later Golf ended up in the city and ran afoul of the law. She was detained in a cell after she had injured a number of policemen.

Atonement had seen Foxtrot's last acts on the evening news. Going pale he recognized one of the products of the research he had been involved in. Recruiting Miss Blythe's help he went to investigate. After finding Golf they broke her out of custody shortly before nondescript agents arrived to take her away.

Golf is a very troubled girl, she is dealing with a huge amount of grief. Her whole world has been torn apart and she is carrying a heavy burden of hate. She refuses to go by any other name than Golf.

Atonement is somewhat out of his depth with Golf but he is determined to help. He has introduced himself as her grandfather.

- Strength, four times as strong as a normal person her size
- Super dense and strong bones.
- can move at least twice as fast as a normal human
- excellent memory
- Control of her own body's temperature
- Has some control over her own facial structure.
- Well trained martial artist.
- Enhanced senses
- Somewhat feral
- Comes across as a bit of a cold fish. Due to parents only knowing military social skills
- Anger management
- Hates guns
- Traumatized

Golf is at risk of becoming a very dangerous person when she grows up. Seeing her Father portrayed as a terrorist is a trigger for her anger. Fortunately Golf got her looks from her mother so she will probably grow up to be an attractive woman.
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