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One of Conjure's creations, Feign is a 2-5' tall green and blue fluffy bipedal tyrannosaurus/wolf with the voice of Berry White. His size is dependent on how much energy Conjure put into him. He is also a student, but only if conjure decided to create him that day...

He spends third period in the resource room, working with Daedalus, who enjoys his fluffy body and soothing voice.

Teacher's Pet

1) Feign can pop out nasty sharp spikes from his fluffy skin if there is real danger.
2) Feign has retractable sharp set of teeth.
3) Feign has a leathery hide under his fluffiness protecting him like a rhino's.
4) Feign is nimble and hard to predict in games of keepaway, dodgeball and in battle.
5) if he dies, he can be Conjured again!

1) hands don't grip well and he can't clap.
2) soft spot for Daedalus
3) he only exists for eight hours at a time.
Villain's Round Table

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