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Daedalus and Danni Boi

Everybody knows the story of the supervillian Skream, the Sexy Siren whose voice brought Thunderborn to his knees. From her beginnings as a rockstar, the botched throat operation that triggered her abilities, her off again on again romance with the warlock Witchlord. People are still speculating about what Skream managed to do in that final spectacular battle over Manhattan before she vanished from the headlines.

No one however associates the pin up supervillian with the slightly disheveled looking school security guard and solo mum Danielle Boise. Every day Danielle comes into school in her minivan and drops her son Sam Draven off to his special needs teacher and heads to the office to start her work day. Usually whistling a few bars of Danny Boy.

Sam's father is Witchlord the infamous master of the darkest arts. While he is currently missing believed permanently dead. Before he left he made sure his family well cared for (in his mind anyway). He cut a deal with a Stranger at some crossroads to enhance his lover's voice and journeyed beyond the material world to ensure his son was blessed with unparalleled gifts.

Samuel Draven was given the pseudonym Daedalus by the principal who has some fond memories of a classical education. Sam is quite far along the autistic spectrum and has little ability when it comes to dealing with other people or taking care of himself. However if he likes you, just maybe, he will get out his pencil and start to draw. What he creates will be an intricate plan for a bespoke superscience creation or possibly an enchantment of sophisticated elegance. Once or twice he has even created an intricate blend of both. His drawings empower the recipient with the ability create what he has designed. They are each as unique as a snowflake and no one has ever managed to duplicate even part of one of his designs. Since gaining his pseudonym he signs his work to match.

Danni Boi
- Mood and emotion projection through song, she can calm a crowd with the right song choice or send them off to slumber with a lullaby.
- Coherent sound blast that can easily knock a person over and leave their ears ringing.
- Can shatter brittle material if she takes the time to find its harmonic frequency.
- Has an armoured suit made by Daedalus if she has the time to put it on. Otherwise her "generic" security guard clothes incorporate a fine layer of kevlar.

- Very protective of Sam/Daedalus
- Not as fit as she once was.
- Has lost or sold much of her old equipment and hasn't fully adapted to its absence yet

- Ensure Sam/Daedalus has a safe upbringing and has the best possible chance to live a normal life.

- Can create plans for superscience and/or enchanted creations that allow the recipient to create what's been drawn. No one else has ever been able to combine science and magic like he does.
- Is watched over by his father, a powerful warlock who has the attention span of a bored puppy and also happens to be dead.

- Unable to take care of himself, functionally similar to a 3 year old.

- Nothing beyond his current wants.

When Danielle became aware of Sam's difficulties she began looking for people who could help. The first people she found just wanted to exploit Sam's abilities, escaping their clutches exhausted her resources and left her no closer to her goal of getting help for Sam. Coincidentally her old sports car suffered catastrophic engine evaporation while driving past Rutherford High school. (The Witchlord's messages from beyond the grave lack the subtly of most other spectral entities). As a result Sam has a place to learn, Rutherford has a staunch defender and Danielle has a regular paycheck.

While going through some paperwork Danielle recognized a name from her past, Anthony Mendez's mother, sure she had seen this name before she has begun going through some of Witchlord's old papers.
Waiting for inspiration to strike......

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