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Atonement, School Principal, Real name: Albrecht Mueller, aka Albert Miller
-Unaging, Very Healthy, Power detector, Some magic
-Enemy, Human frailty
-Getting Humans and supers to co-exist, Lots of guilt
A 120ish year old former callous scientist. Now determined humanitarian suffering from the guilt of what he has been involved in.

The Bard
, Drama teacher, Real name: Theresa Blythe
-Morphable body (Within Human parameters)
-Voice mimicry
-Can increase strength to peak (for a 5'8" female)
-Regeneration of skin and muscle at 1000 times normal
-Enhanced memory
-Powers require concentration
-Disturbing appearance when not concentrating
-Helping kids
-Job security
The Bard aka Theresa Blythe has the ability to mimic other people.

Conjure, Student, Real name: Antonio Mendez
-Can Create objects
-Can Create short lived creatures (10ish hours)
-Can sense magic
-Power can activate while sleeping
-Has a finite amount of raw material that replenishes slowly
-Obvious to magical senses
-Be accepted
-Artistic streak
Antonio Mendez has had a hard time growing up and his powers have made it harder.

Daedalus, Student, Real name: Samuel Draven
- Savant Gadgeteer
- Savant Enchanter
- Can design objects that involve both super science and magic
- The physical design grants the ability for the recipient to create the item.
- Autistic
- Lacks many basic life skills
- No long term motivations
Daedalus is possibly the most gifted craftsman on the planet when it comes to magic and "super" technology, but can't take care of himself any better than a 4 year old could.

Danni Boi , Security guard, Real name; Danielle Boise, aka Skream
- Mood and emotion projection through song
- Sound Blast
- Can shatter anything brittle with sound
- Experienced fighter
- Very protective of Sam/Daedalus
- Not particularly fit
- Ensure Sam/Daedalus has a safe upbringing and has the best possible chance to live a normal life.
Danni Boi was once the super villain "Skream" while she now looks like a soccer mom she has not completely lost her edge. She works at the school to stay close to her son "Daedalus"

Electroplasm, Student, Real name: Sarah McAlder
- Electrical discharges, distraction level
- Control over electronics
- Ability to remain unseen, but only in well-lit areas
- Powers only available when "projecting" her "ghost"
- Powers difficult to control under stress
- Body vulnerable during excursions
- Improving her control over her abilities
- making sure her powers don't hurt anyone
Sarah is a bright girl who can project an electrically empowered consciousness. She is still learning how to handle her ability.

Feign, some time student
- Retractable spikes and teeth
- Tough hide
- Agile and acrobatically unpredictable
- Conjured
- Poor grip
- soft spot for Daedalus
Feign is one of Conjure's creations, a blue and green fluffy wolf/T-rex hybrid.

Golf, Student, Real name:Golf, Alias: Gemma Mueller
- Strength, Speed, increased bone density and toughness.
- Enhanced memory and senses
- Control of her own temperature and facial structure
- Well trained martial artist.
- poor social skills
- Anger management issues.
- Hates guns
- Traumatized
The offspring of two runaway super soldiers, Golf grew up in the wilderness and saw her parents get killed. She now has to deal with the trauma.

The Grendels, Students and parents, Real names:various taken from myth, history and classic literature.
- Bullet proof skin, general toughness
- Super vision
- Resistant to magic
- They lack super strength
- Their powers are well known and understood
- Proud of heritage and loyal to each other
- Acquit the family well
- All the cares of normal teenage life.
The Grendels attending Rutherford are the children of members of an occult super soldier program. Proud of who they are, the dozen or so grendel children tend to do well at Rutherford.

Habitat, Teacher in charge of problem students/detention, Real name: Mortimer Hamilton
- Can alter his whole body to match any part of his environment.
- Variable abilities based on what he is mimicking.
- Almost 70
- Blunt and not politically correct.
- Enjoys teaching, really likes have a positive influence on troubled kids.
An experienced war veteran turned teacher, Habitat is blunt, direct and no nonsense with his students who in turn usually appreciate his honesty and candor.

Halo/Hazard, Student, Real name: Leo Olsen
- Generate blood, constant
- Supersuit, created by Daedalus, stores and releases blood.
- Mysterious vibe
- Wears suit constantly
- Loves video games, reading and basketball.
- Has a brotherly relationship with Daedalus.
- Cares for the underdog, especially someone who gets picked on.
- Has a rivalry with Golf
Halo/Hazard is a mysterious seeming student, slightly stand-offish and never seen without his suit. Unlikely to use his powers without good reason.

Ion Storm, Student, Real name: Adam Stern
- Can Supercharge his body with electricity and other energy
- Poor health
- Can lose his charge
- Friendly kid
- Good natured
- Keen to live life
The son of two supers Ion Storm was never expected to survive his unusual genetics. Now a few years on the positive side of his genes is apparent.

Java Junkie, Student, Real name: Haylee Vanderholt
- Can speak with birds of prey, and they obey her commands.
- Extremely good vision.
- Can shapeshift into a hawk
- Coffee fiend
- Attachment to birds of prey
Works part time as a barista, Haylee has some bird like tics

Killer, student, Real name: Kim Cavanaugh
- Magical talent
- Can death curse at a cost
- highly intelligent
- tormented by cost of powers
Kim is in a very bad place and is need of some help otherwise his life looks poised to go down hill.

Langley, Vice Principal, Real name: Laney Wilder
- can disable powers requiring concentration or activation.
- can cause unconsciousness
- defenses against mind control
- trained agent
- Government liaison
- Short range abilities
- Students first mentality
Rutherford's official G man, a psychic with ties to the office of the president.

Mr Mason, shop teacher, Real name: Frank Mason
- Gadgeteer
- many small gadgets
- has trouble doing anything not tech related when his powers are active
- having more and more difficulty turning his ability on
- has used drugs to help activate his ability in the past.
- Deeply conflicted
Frank is a plant for a nastier part of the government, his powers are beginning to fade.

Neon Punch, Student, Real name: Shon Stoneman
- superhuman reflexes.
- peak human running speed
- accurate throwing and catching skills.
- Shaken by change from old life
- May accidentally reveal his location to those following him
- depression and anger over predicament
- likely to sneak out
- "I hate my life."
Shon is a younger student who was displaced from his old life, suddenly moving to Rutherford to avoid kidnapping

One, Student, Real name:Terrance O'Connell
- Can cause his body to be made of any material that is with in a couple of inches of himself
- Can merge with anything near him (provided it is bigger than him)
- immune to "neutralization" powers
- immune to most forms of mental attack
- doesn't have a normal body
- when he isn't close enough to mimic anything his body begins to break down.
- Class clown and Stirrer, but otherwise not too bad a kid
One is always made of something else and is literally part of the scenery.

Snipped for size reasons

- Magic exists
- Powerful magic users are typically a bit unstable.
- "Super" experiments go back at least to the 1930's
- Drugs can trigger latent abilities.
- Teenage hormones/puberty can interact unpredictably with powers.
- More than one super soldier program has produced results. Some of the projects are more "shadowy" than others
- having only 20% of each "batch" of super soldiers going renegade is considered a good result.
- Some super soldier projects use occult methods.
- Child supers are sometimes targeted for kidnapping.
- Two factions within the government exist, One want supers very tightly controlled the other extends supers the rights of ordinary citizens
- Aliens exist

Other Supers
- Thunderborn, hero, Supersonic flight among other powers.
- Witchlord, Villain, Warlock and traveler of worlds, Deceased
- The Unbelievables, U.S army Air Mobile supers unit, where the more "irregular" supers end up if they join the army.
- The Celestials, a Premiere super team
- Arc Angel, Celestial, Powerful electrical abilities as well as flight
- Doc Demonic, Celestial, Gadgeteer, Demonic style winged powered armour.
- Gabriel, Celestial, Supersoldier with telekinetic flight.
- Blackjack, Unbelievables, Colonel, Unknown powers.

School, Rutherford High School
- Has a "boarding" school section
- Government involvement
- "Unusual" events are not uncommon
- Has some normal students
- Feud of sorts between Golf and Joan Grendel
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