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Default Re: Alphabet Brainstorm 3, High school


Antonio Mendez is 13 years old, and constantly accumulates a cloud of ectoplasm around himself. In its raw state, it doesn't effect anyone not attuned to mystical activities. If it is allowed to build up, however, it will eventually condense into something firm and concrete.

Tony can control what it forms, and a wide variety of results are available, from food to statues to kerosene to creatures. Most creations don't last longer than about 10 hours, less if they are broken up.

Tony has a troubled past: His condition is the result of mysterious conditions around the time of his birth. His mother claims he's the result of an attempt to summon a demon. He was abused by his stepfather, and still suffers from recurrent nightmares. The nightmares unfortunately trigger his ability. Half of his family was killed when he summoned a 'werewolf' that tore through the house on a savage rampage. Afterwards the school arranged for his disappearance and presumed death and moved him to the school to protect others.

Tony's family went to the cathedral a few times a year, and he grew up calling the creatures he summoned demons. Various school staff have worked with him to get him to understand that the minds of these creatures is created from templates in his own -- though he has no control once they're created. Theresa Blythe in particular has worked with him to create strong personas in his mind, so that creatures that show up can be more functional and less childish. She's also worked with him on getting them to look more human.

Tony is still wracked by guilt, and isn't making good progress on controlling his inner demons. or his outer demons. Of more interest to him is sculpture, and he's taken to making statues out of ectoplasm. Mostly abstract art.

Tony can create anything he has the skill for. Most of the time, that means solid objects, but he has two wide exceptions: food and creatures. The food looks 'hand made' and is of varying qualities, but you can eat as much as you want and not get fat --- but you can't live off of it either. The creatures are tough, resilient, blatantly supernatural, and mostly have very simple personalities. He has no control once he's created them, though many take kindly to his orders for some reason. He's tried making mechanical objects, but can't really make it past a few simple hinges.

1) can conjure solid objects, food, and creatures
2) has a minor magic sense and can see the active magic of others.

1) Be accepted. Tony came to the school much younger than the others, and has been 'the little kid' since then.
2) Inner turmoil, PTSD, and guilt.
3) has something of an artistic streak

1) Cannot control powers when asleep.
2) only has a set amount of ectoplasm to work with, it returns gradually.
3) gives off an incredibly strong magical signal to anyone who can sense such things.
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