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Great new thread!!!

"The Bard"

Theresa Blythe was a college psyche major who signed up for an psyche experiment involving temporary memory engancement medication. The meds had the side effect of activating her latent metahuman (and some unpleasant) traits. She settled out of court with the government, and took tenure in a cushy job rather than take a "handout."

The job was drama coach of thenew top secret school for supers. Her first day was troublesome as she managed to alienate her new boss by discussion of how nazis are used in fiction. The principal, "Atonement," has since been strict with Theresa, requiring her to be taking full college credits to complete an actual teaching degree (rather than a certificate).

Costume: because Theresa looks very mych like raw hamburger unless she is concentrating, she wears a full bidy suit with a black and white domino mask and the deama/comedy masks insignia.

1) if she concentrates, Theresa can rearrange her skin and muscle tissue to emulate anyone of about the same size. She can also copy voices she has studied.

2) if she concentrates, she can enhance her strength to peak human female of 5'8" levels.

3) while concentrating, she can regenerate skin or muscle damage at 1000 times the normal human rate.

4) she can remember everything she focuses on.

1) Job security
2) Helping kids achieve their dreams
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