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Default Re: Success rolls: effective skill below 3

Originally Posted by Celjabba View Post
Also, don't forget super luck ... if I succeed on a 3 no matter what, it is a must buy.
I think this is another good point: other aspects of the system count on no successful roll when the target number is under three. Super Luck is already powerful, but when it becomes on miracle per game? Pretty game breaking. Sure you could jack up its price or otherwise restrict it, but this should have been one of the first things to occur (only because PK's example takes just a bit more thought to work out).

So again I'd say that if we are going to question anything, it would be the charitable rules that state you always get a Defense Roll. I don't think I would enjoy it much as a player to lose that, but that seems like the real inconsistency. If one really wants to allow for far lower chances of success (or failure), verification rolls seem in order. Everything stays the same as now except if a situation occurs where a critical success or failure makes little sense as a result with the usual probability (but eliminating entirely similarly breaks suspension of disbelief or possibly something even more important)... add a second roll. All the second roll does is verify the critical nature of the first. A double three or double eighteen is hopefully all that would be needed to represent the most extreme of odds worth nitpicking over, and I offer this not as a tried and tested "solution" because I don't see a real problem in the first place that it solves.

Plus I think I only used it a few times. With mixed results. Over 15 years ago. XD
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