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Default Re: Success rolls: effective skill below 3

Originally Posted by roguebfl View Post
Which is why Skill level 16 opens the option of "No Nuisance rolls" perk for the skill.
This seems to cover scenarios where the GM would probably waive the rolls anyway, but I guess that’s why it’s just a perk. (In case anyone else is looking for the description, it’s in “Power-Ups 2: Perks”.)

As a matter of principle I think that if a roll is appropriate at all, it’s interpretation should be true to the normal distribution it approximates, which includes only asymptotically approaching zero in both directions and so always leaving a slight chance of both success and failure under all circumstances. And on a more practical note it just makes for a better gaming experience. If a character who has never used a bow wants to pick one up and shoot an opponent’s eye out, I don’t want to say „you can’t do that“, I want to say „you can certainly try but there is a high chance you will hit one of your companions instead”.
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