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Default Re: Thursday is GURPSDay - Melee Academy Topics

Melee Academy compilation since its inception

Melee Academy

This is a collection of relevant posts which can be considered part of the Melee Academy series, even if it didn't appear under that title. These will include discussions of tactics and skills for combat in GURPS.

Right now I've got material from Gaming Ballistic, Dungeon Fantastic. RPG Snob, No School Grognard, and Orbs and Balrogs. I'm happy to add any relevant material as long as it gives tactical and skills related advice for combat in GURPS!

Watch this page for new stuff that helps get people's arms wrapped around fightin' in GURPS, and if you see something on another page that belongs here, let me know and I'll add it!

Skill Levels and Uses
  • Skill Levels for Melee Combat in GURPS (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Melee Skill Levels: A surplus of Awesome (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Skill Levels for Ranged Combat in GURPS (Gaming Ballistic)
  • GURPS 101: Avoiding Combat Analysis-Paralysis in GURPS (Dungeon Fantastic)

Melee Academy
  • Martial Arts: Sherlock (Shooting Dice)
  • Melee Academy: Disarms in four systems (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Martial Arts: The Maltese Falcon (Shooting Dice)
  • Melee Academy: Why I Don't See a Lot of Disarming (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • Melee Academy: Disarming (by Kalzazz) (Guest post on Gaming Ballistic)
  • Thursday is GURPSDay! GURPS Melee Academy: Disarming (The Collaborative Gamer)
  • Melee Academy: Hostile Diplomatic Relations (or "How to Disarm With Words Instead of Swords") (Ravens N' Pennies)
  • Disarming in Call of Cthulhu (Shooting Dice)
  • Melee Academy: Multiple Attacks (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Melee Academy: Arm Lock in detail (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Melee Academy: Bar Fights and Being a Bouncer, Part II (Ravens 'N Pennies)
  • Melee Academy: Bar Fights and Being a Bouncer (Ravens 'N Pennies)
  • Melee Academy: Outgunned, Outmanned, and Outmaneuvered Now What? (Ravens 'N Pennies)
  • Melee Academy: Fighting People Better Than You (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Melee Academy: Dealing With Superior Foes (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • Ironmongery: GURPS Armor in a Low-Tech Style (RPG Snob)
  • Melee Academy: High skill vs. armor and shield (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Melee Academy: Combat Grappling and Wait (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Melee Academy - Team Tactics 101 (Gaming Ballistic)
  • GURPS Melee Academy : Circling like Sharks (RPG Snob)
  • GURPS Melee Academy: Berserker's Wingman (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • GURPS Melee Academy - Stop Hit (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • Melee Academy: What's the Tradeoff for NOT Using a Shield? (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • Melee Academy: Fundamental Tactics Principles (No School Grognard)
  • Melee Academy: Tactical Positioning via Waits and Retreats (No School Grognard)
  • The Effectiveness of Knights in Dungeon Fantasy (No School Grognard)
  • Creating and holding on to initiatives in GURPS combats. (Orbs and Balrogs)
  • Muscle-Powered Ranged Weaponry 101 (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Ranged Weapons & Hitting the Wrong Target (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • Entering a Room in Dungeon Fantasy (No School Grognard)
  • Somebody took my lucky charms, now what? (Ravens N' Pennies)
  • Reach Basics (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Using Your Friends to Keep Your Reach Advantage (No School Grognard)
  • Keeping Your Reach Advantage (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • Melee Academy: Feints, Beats, Ruses (Dungeon Fantastic)

Not Melee Academy but Still Cool
  • Making grapples suck less in armed combat (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Low Tech: Choosing the right armor by weight (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Low Tech: Choosing the right armor by cost (Gaming Ballistic)
  • Exploiting weapon reach in GURPS (Orbs and Balrogs)
  • The feint: turning what you are good at into a combat asset.(Orbs and Balrogs)
  • GURPS Weapons & Tactics: Flails (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • GURPS Weapons & Tactics: Picks (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • GURPS Weapons & Tactics: Throwing Weapons (Dungeon Fantastic)
  • GURPS Weapons & Tactics: Using Shields Offensively (Dungeon Fantastic)
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