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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Sabotage feuds:

Because of the uneasy balance between the state and the clans feuding remains a possibility but seldom rises to lethal level. However sabotage both cyber and solid space is a real possibility. Technically perps are punished as individuals. However any chief that lets one of his own go to the gallows for him risks being deposed, thus making it unlikely that he will order a hit. Likewise no clan wants to depend solely on mercenaries for its defense and offense. A substitute is the use of sabotage. If directed at a rival clan's business facilities the penalty will usually be in money, which of course is fungible and therefore any raider unfortunate enough to be caught by the constabulary is remitted by his own clan.

The feuds consist of repeated raids back and forth. The police are usually thought of as a third party; while complaining to the police directly is considered bad form, luring a rival into a position where he can be arrested is a grand coup.

This rather refined sort of feuding does not apply with outsiders especially those that are likely to pose a real threat(such as pirates and bandits and their supporters). In such cases deadly force is often used according to the rule of "Hot Trod" whereby any given clan can claim self-defense if the response is within a maximum time after the attack, subject to review.
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