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Default Re: New GURPS Hardcore Battle system (fan made)

New Rule

Drawing a weapon from scabbard or quiver, either fast drawing or not, gives one PP.

Every time you take a Ready maneuver (e.g to ready a polearm or to draw a bow), you get a DX/6 rounded up Bonus Points (BP) besides the usual effects (readying the weapon).

The above-mentioned BPs can be used to remove the PP from drawing a weapon from scabbard or quiver.

8. Bows

This new set of rules tries to capture why one can fire faster with a short bow than with a longbow (as discussed in other topics and not yet captured by GURPS rules). This follows the same approach described in the previous posts and can even explain why Lars Andersen don't draw his bow to maximum draw (to fire faster!).

Firing a bow encompasses 3 actions: picking one (or more) arrows from a quiver, drawing the bow, and releasing the arrow (shooting the bow).

The first action, as stated in previous sections, gives one PP. The archer can choose to either use a ready maneuver (or trade time for gain BPs) or use fast draw to skill to get the arrow “instantly”.

The second action is to draw the bow. This gives a number of PP equal to the bow’s damage bonus with a minimum of one: 1 PP for the short and regular bows, 2 PP for the longbow and 3 PP for the recursive bow. More damage means more energy stored and thus more time needed to pull the string. If the GM wishes, he could permit the archer to get less PP in exchange of reducing the damage bonus of his current bow (trading damage for firing speed). This means that the archer is not pulling the string all the way to its maximum capability.

The last action is firing the bow, which gives one PP. An archer can use all-out attack fast to negate the PPs for this attack.

An archer who wishes to draw the bow and to fire in a single turn (or fire the bow and draw a new arrow) gets PP using the same rules as described in “Attacking multiple times in a turn” section. In this case, drawing the bow counts as one attack and releasing the arrow as another. Count each type of “attack” (drawing or firing) separately for defining its added PP at a given turn.
Combat example 9:
Robin has a DX 13, bow skill 13 and fast-draw (arrow) at skill 13. He starts with zero BP and PP and a recursive bow (thrust+3) in hand.
T1) Not wanting to risk falling the fast draw, he takes a ready maneuver to draw an arrow from the quiver. He picks an arrow and gains DX/6 rounded up = 3 BP and one PP for picking the arrow, giving him a total of 2 BP.
T2) The takes a ready maneuver and draw the bow at full draw. He gets additional 3 BP for the ready maneuver, but gets 3 PP for the drawing the bow. He now as fully-drawn bow and remains with 2 BP.
T3) On his third turn he fires his arrow, getting 1 PP (now he has a net of 1 BP) and rolls with a skill of 13. He misses with a 14.
T4) His foe is approaching quickly and he decides to accelerate the pace. He uses fast draw to get an arrow and gets one PP (now having 0 BP) and succeeds with a 10. He decides to draw the bow and fire in the same turn. To get less PP, he decides to draw at thrust +2 instead of the maximum thrust+3. Remember that each attack gets the usual +1 PP for attacking multiple times in a turn:
A1 draw bow to thrust+1: add ((2+1)*1)=3 PP
A2 shoot arrow: This adds ((1+1)*1)=2 PP (don’t count A1), leaving him with 3+2=5 PP and firing with an effective skill of 8. He could have chosen instead an all-out attack (fast) to save 2PP from the second attack, leaving him with a net 3 PP and firing with effective skill 10.

8.1. Heroic Archer advantage
A character with heroic archer advantage does not get 1 PP for drawing an arrow and does not get the additional +1PP for attacking multiple times in a turn when drawing and firing a bow in the same turn.
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