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Higher TL combat can be mildly dangerous I've noticed . . . . last session 2 PCs duked it out (or rather, shamelessly ambushed) 8 enemies of fairly good caliber, at TL 9-11 (various)

6 of 8 enemies died in the surprise round, one of the two surviving enemies in the first real round of combat lived long enough to attack and wounded near to death check one of the party members (39 damage after all mods, when 40 was needed for death check), before being slaughterized by her counter

Everyone that took a hit was wearing a commando battlesuit (and the PC also had a riot shield)

Pretty much . . . armor helps immensely vs things that cannot crack armor, and forces people to use attacks which CAN crack armor, but those attacks which can crack armor can still kill you very dead.

But usually the armor cracking attacks tend to have other drawbacks, 40mm grenade launchers flinging HEMP or HEAT are effective armor crackers, but have low ammo capacity and short ranges and low acc and such
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