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Originally Posted by Ghostdancer View Post
Welcome to the Brotherhood of Bloggers Who Blog Too Much! Your decoder ring is in the mail. :-D
If I'm honest, you and Douglas Cole were probably my inspirations for doing this.

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Looking forward to the Galactic Frontier stuff, but a bit wary of TL being all the way at the top.
I initially started that project at TL 11, but TL 12 is just so full of everything you expect out of the typical, handwavy space-opera sci-fi that I just had to use it ("He's wounded!" "Shine a medical beam on him, he'll be fine." "It's broken!" "Wave a repairing beam over it! It'll be fine!").

One of the things that popped out of my work there is that TL 12 is ultimately the catch all "More advanced than TL 11" stuff, so everything from slightly more advanced (gamma-ray lasers) to ridiculous (tachyon shotguns) get lumped into one TL, so I discuss how to approach the tech level without having the sense that you're "at the end of science."
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