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Originally Posted by ammulder View Post
There's already the "Convertible Hardtop" option among the Body Mods. If there's a separate ragtop option I'm unaware of it. :)
Yep, I remember there being one and it being $500 (it was handy for the MONDOs) - but I'll have to fish around to find it though.

Originally Posted by ammulder View Post
For the cargo and trailer bit, I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for. Do you want to be able to do a combined design of tractor + trailer or car + car trailer or something? Or are you saying you want to be able to put in "I'm towing a 4,300 lb. trailer" and have it calculate top speed and acceleration and engine max weight based on including the weight of the trailer? If the latter, would you want it to let you select an existing trailer design or just punch in the weight in question?
Both cases actually.
The specific use cases:
1. Pulling a specific trailer and trying to stay in the weight/cost total of the trailer plus the car you're working on.
2. Having a specific towing capacity for figuring top speed/acceleration.

Oh, one other UI item related to towing too:
When you have Classic selected, when you hover over the back of the car, the 'Add hitch' appears.

And a couple of top speed items I'm suddenly recalling:
High Torque motors don't show the top speed reduction.
Overdrive doesn't show its acceleration/top speed changes.
Might I suggest using the format of X/Y (A/B) for displaying acceleration and top speed values with all of the options. Use X for normal, Y being with the usual accessory (such as HTM or turbocharger and be absent if not applicable) and have A be the value with overdrive and B the value with both.
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