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Originally Posted by ammulder View Post
I haven't updated the Combat Garage in forever because of, well, stuff. But Magesmiley poked me with a few issues, and someone else pointed out that it still doesn't let you put different amounts of armor on guards/hubs on different sides, and someone else was wondering about putting the plant behind the driver and etc. So it may be time for an update.

Any other requests?
A useful option would be to allow the designer to input a dollar limit and then have the "distribute armor" button pivot off the lesser of the dollar limit or the weight limit. A further enhancement would automatically downgrade the chassis if there was sufficient unused weight capacity after applying armor to the dollar cap (and iteratively apply more armor with the money saved).

And if this is a wish list, I'll ad that having the weapons in the "van" area of a 10-wheeler listed in the Weapons section of the PDF printout would be nice too.

All the above are "nice to haves." I'm quite happy to have access to the tool just as it is, thank you.

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