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Default Re: Combat Garage Update

I did ask, and those are all good comments. :)

I'm not willing to do scrollbars. See if your browser has a zoom control that will get it all onto the screen. (In many cases where things don't fit, these seem to default to values larger than 100% for some reason.) If really unavoidable, I'd consider shrinking some controls rather than scrolling.

There's already the "Convertible Hardtop" option among the Body Mods. If there's a separate ragtop option I'm unaware of it. :)

For the cargo and trailer bit, I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for. Do you want to be able to do a combined design of tractor + trailer or car + car trailer or something? Or are you saying you want to be able to put in "I'm towing a 4,300 lb. trailer" and have it calculate top speed and acceleration and engine max weight based on including the weight of the trailer? If the latter, would you want it to let you select an existing trailer design or just punch in the weight in question?
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