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Default Re: Combat Garage Update

Originally Posted by HeatDeath View Post
I recall a previous discussion about implementing a mode (and possibly having it be the default mode) that would restrict the equipment to that found in the new Car Wars 4e box.

If that hasn't happened yet, that would be very helpful for newbies, I suspect.
I'm assuming that you mean the Classic set - yes that is there.

To answer Aaron's question (and remember you asked...)

Save some default settings when you log in (Classic/Compendium/UACFH, Weight for gear, and default color). I have to set these every time I make a new design.

When viewing your designs a tree view +- for each division to collapse things.

In the cargo allocation, add an option to allocate the cost and weight of a trailer.

On the Configure Design tab An "AADA tournament" option (to grey out stuff marked with the circled X in UACFH). (And if you save settings, save this one too).

Other observed stuff:
On 6 wheel vehicles - selecting the outer tire and adding a guard gets an error, I think the Garage might be flipping the inner/outer tire. And is there a way to do the forward/back 6 wheeled chassis that I'm not seeing?

Vertical scrollbars. I use the Garage from my laptop which doesn't have a very high resolution and often the bottom end of the right pane gets cut off (most noticeable on Grenade selection). It could use a scrollbar.

Convertible: I recall that there was an option to make a car a convertible for $500, it probably should be added to body modifications. I'd have to dig up the reference (or wait for Michael to point it out).
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