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Default Question about searching

How many times are you able to search a single room either on the same turn or on consecutive turns? Me and a couple friends were playing MQ and the "Treasure Vault" room tile came into the dungeon. After the monster was beat, my friend took it upon himself to "make camp" there. What I mean is, he searched the room according to the treasure vault room's text and stayed there without moving out. On his next turn he used his Move points to search the Treasure Vault again, and again....and again....every time it was his turn. He'd be able to search it for treasure because of how the conditions of searching that room work, and he slowly equipped himself to be incredibly powerful before finally having a result that makes it Looted Out. As he stayed there and searched he was able to level himself up to 9 by selling treasure he found from searching.

The Tile states that if you don't find a monster on your first search, then you can spend another Move to search again. If you find a single treasure the room is not Ransacked, but if you find 2 or more the room is still Looted Out. My ruling was that he couldn't do it because then it wouldn't be his "first search" anymore, because he'd searched the room before already.

What do you say?

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