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Default Re: New GURPS Hardcore Battle system (fan made)

Some comments of mine in red:
Originally Posted by Nereidalbel View Post
1. This is an issue of players, not rules. In reality, it would be a few seconds of striking, followed by several seconds of Evaluates and Waits. The cycle would then repeat itself.
I've never fought like this before. Usually attacking as fast as I could gave me better results :)

2. Daggers are an impractical weapon to fight ogres to begin with, and giving up the ability to parry makes axes somewhat less than optimal.
Why would someone with ever choose a shortsword over a broadsword? He could do it for roleplaying resons, but not for game mechanic reasons.

3. Your shield is a valid hit location when attacked from your shield side. This includes arrows. The point is that I was trying not to hit the shield but it kept getting in the way (even when the target did not know I was there).
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