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Default Pukachu and the extra level

Hello there,

I have some questions about Pukachu and I'll be glad if you help me.

First of all, what if a helper comes in combat? The extra level can't be claimed then?

If it can be claimed, the munchkins count their level only and if their level is bigger than Pukachu's strength, can I gain the extra level?

If I had equipped a bonus in play (such as Horny Helmet) and now I don't want to use it against Pukachu, can I ignore it and gain the extra level?

I have a helper and we are going to win without bonuses. A third person plays a "side bonus" card (such as Pretty Balloons) to boost our strength. Can he do that so we can't claim the extra level?

And a last question, what happens if Pukachu comes in combat as wandering?


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