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Default Re: Pyramid Volume Three Index

#97: Strange Powers (November 2016)
  • High Psi (Kelly Pedersen)
  • Mask of Humanity (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Eidetic Memory: Anthropomorphized High-Tech Weapons (David L. Pulver)
  • Snakes Who Walk (W.A. Frick)
  • Random Thought Table:We've Got the Power… Let's Never Use It! (Steven Marsh)
#98: Welcome to Dungeon Fantasy (December 2016)
  • You All Meet at an Inn (Matt Riggsby)
  • The Monstrous Monstorum (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Eidetic Memory: Grave of the Pirate Queen (David L. Pulver)
  • Building a Long-Term Dungeon Fantasy Game (Peter V. Dell'Orto)
  • Random Thought Table: Back to Basics (Steven Marsh)
#99: Death and Beyond (January 2017)
  • Necro-Psi (Christopher R. Rice)
  • What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger (Scott Rochat)
  • Eidetic Memory: Soul Reapers David L. Pulver)
  • The Slaughterealm (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Random Thought Table: Death and How to Avoid It (Steven Marsh)
#100: Pyramid Secrets (February 2017)
  • Impulse Control (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Infinite Weapons (Hans-Christian Vortisch)
  • Eidetic Memory: The Galactic Operations Directorate (David L. Pulver)
  • Fashion Forward (Matt Riggsby)
  • Gods of Commerce (Christopher Conrad and Jason "PK" Levine)
  • Realistic Injury, Expanded (Peter V. Dell'Orto)
  • Random Thought Table: Briefly, an Adventure (Steven Marsh)
#101: Humor (March 2017)
  • What Fools These Mortals Be? (Phil Masters)
  • Dying Is Easy; Comedy Is Hard (Matt Riggsby)
  • Eidetic Memory: The Monster Mash (David L. Pulver)
  • Animating Your Life (Kelly Pedersen)
  • Terry Toucan & the Puzzle Pals: The House of 10,000 Sock Monkeys! (J. Edward Tremlett and Christopher R. Rice)
  • Random Thought Table: Amongst Your Weaponry Are Surprise and Anticipation (Steven Marsh)
#102: Epic (April 2017)
  • Crafting Imbuements (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Dungeon Fantasy Goes to War (Matt Riggsby)
  • Eidetic Memory: The Harvest – Invasion Earth (David L. Pulver)
  • Götterdämmerung (William H. Stoddard)
  • Many Lives, One Adventure (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Random Thought Table: The Sense of Ahhh (Steven Marsh)
#103: Setbacks (May 2017)
  • Mad as Bones (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Monsters' Minions (Michele Armellini)
  • Eidetic Memory: Spaceship Malfunctions (David L. Pulver)
  • Designer's Notes: The Silk Road (Matt Riggsby)
  • Random Thought Table: Complications in a Certain World (Steven Marsh)
  • Central Asia/Silk Road map (uncredited)
#104: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game (June 2017)
  • Trapped in the Living Tomb (Steven Marsh)
  • It's a Quest! (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Eidetic Memory: Heroic Background Generator (David L. Pulver)
  • The State of the Dungeon (uncredited)
  • Random Thought Table: Preparing for the Hero's Journey (Steven Marsh)
#105: Cinematic Magic (July 2017)
  • Super-Sorcery! (Kelly Pedersen)
  • Chi Sorcery (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Eidetic Memory: Theo-Necromancy (David L. Pulver)
  • Gourmet Alchemy (Michael Kreuter)
  • Random Thought Table: Third-Reel Magic (Steven Marsh)
  • Appendix Z: Lights! Camera! Magic!(Steven Marsh)
#106: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game II (August 2017)
  • Designer's Notes: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game (Sean Punch)
  • Quick Equipment Kits (Peter V. Dell'Orto)
  • Deathtraps (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Eidetic Memory: Demi-Human Dungeons (David L. Pulver)
  • Secrets of the Living Tomb (Steven Marsh)
  • Undead, Undead Everywhere (Sean Punch)
  • The State of the Dungeon (uncredited)
  • Random Thought Table: Keeping It Simpler, For Starters (Steven Marsh)
#107: Monster Hunters III (September 2017)
  • Born to Be Wild (Christopher R. Rice)
  • An Irregular Sort of Terror (J. Edward Tremlett)
  • Eidetic Memory: The Dwyrm (David L. Pulver)
  • Young Hunters (Liam Duncan)
  • Random Thought Table: The Importance of Static (Steven Marsh)
#108: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game III (October 2017)
  • Monster Modding (Sean Punch)
  • More Mythic & Magical Monsters (Peter V. Dell'Orto)
  • Eidetic Memory: Hydra Island (David L. Pulver)
  • The Hand of the Demon (Christopher R. Rice)
  • Random Thought Table: If Not You, Then Who? (Steven Marsh)
  • Designer's Notes: How to Be a GURPS GM (Warren "Mook" Wilson)

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