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Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Its about angles and how you apply force. swinging a pick forward is much more efficient than pulling it backwards. More to the point, when you pull back on the handle, the pick doesn't come strait back, it curves, digging into the skin and generally getting stuck. This is because the force being pulled back is a handle to the side of the injury. A spear or sword is pulled back directly behind the injury, so they come out just fine.
"Just fine" is a relative term. Depending on how deeply an object impales a person it doesn't always easily slide out (apart from pulling a bit harder, most people won't give a damn but their victims surely notice - so this is more a situation when you CARE about the person in whom the object is stuck) especially when mass/muscle/bone might apply force to the flat of the blade instead of the edge.

Now I won't argue that pulling a sword free is easier than pulling a pick free because of the angle of applied force, that I understand. But if you thrust through someone with a vertical blade and they twist laterally it will impede removing it (same if you have the blade horizontal and they shift vertically - such as collapsing because the thrust has incapacitated them).
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