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Default Re: Actual Impaling Question

Originally Posted by Barghaest View Post
EDIT: Quite frankly I don't see why they didn't have rules for getting thrust/imp weapons stuck in your opponent standard (making it a specific damage threshold instead of just the way the section on Picks reads) since with high enough ST it's possible to do as much damage with a thr/imp weapon as a ST 10 person could do with a sw/imp one...
Its about angles and how you apply force. swinging a pick forward is much more efficient than pulling it backwards. More to the point, when you pull back on the handle, the pick doesn't come strait back, it curves, digging into the skin and generally getting stuck. This is because the force being pulled back is a handle to the side of the injury. A spear or sword is pulled back directly behind the injury, so they come out just fine.
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