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Default Is this how it is designed to win?

I just got Munchkin Quest for my birthday and played my first game. It was a 1-on-1.

I won with this on the table:

I defeated the boss monster on my own in one try with +23 default bonus.
I also throwed a card which gave me +5 and I had a reloaded Die card.

Thats: 10 (Lv) + 17 (bonus) + 5 (warrior) + 5 (card) + 6 (Die) = 44 total!

Is this desinged or did I just got lucky.
I think i also need to play with more players to get a lot of curses on me?

little other questions:
  1. Can I have 2 extra hands?
  2. How do I know what i can equip something on my belt?

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