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Default Re: Guest Artist Edition discussion thread

So, do I:

A) Buy Munchkin Deluxe: GAE and mix it into my already crazily oversized Munchkin Fantasy deck, having some duplicate (text) cards that probably won't matter because the decks are so spread out that the odds of them repeating at some point in the same game are probably pretty small.

B) Buy Munchkin Deluxe: GAE and replace my M1 cards out of my mega deck.

C) Buy Munchkin DELUXE: GAE and keep it separate for individual play.

Decisions, decisions. Anyone think of any weird rules issues that might come up by having two sets of M1 in the same deck? I might house rule that if you have a particular monster in combat, a monster with the exact same name can join without a Wandering Monster card. So if I'm fighting the original Maul Rat and you have the GAE version in your hand, you can add him to my combat. But that's a discussion for a different thread, I guess.
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