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Default Re: Combat as a contest of attack skill vs defense

Originally Posted by trooper6 View Post
If your players don't like that there is defense, they don't like deceptive attacks (which really aren't that complex--they are just "I take a -2 to my attack to mess up his defense!"), they are fine with cutting out targeted attacks, rapid strikes, they actually want to play GURPS or would they rather just play D&D? If they prefer D&D, maybe that is what they should be playing?
The only reason they're playing GURPS is to accommodate me. There are three GMs in the group; we each use a different system in a different genre. My GURPS Star Trek game gets run about every other month, which means they never get comfortable with the combat options.

Originally Posted by trooper6 View Post
But if your players are happy, I suppose that is all that matters.
You said it, trooper6. I was a bit disappointed they didn't embrace the tactical nuances that GURPS has to offer; but as GURPS makes it easy to adjust complexity to taste, it's no a problem accommodating their proclivities.

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