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Default Re: Influence Skills Modifying Reaction Rolls

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
ůSecond Reactions have already been mentionedů. It has already been mentioned that 'use a (different) skill' seems to be an implied for of a changed approach.
My understanding is that 'use a (different) skill' is an example of a change of approach, not a requirement for a change of approach. (I'm not sure if you were saying it was. I just wanted to clarify.)

In my games, reaction and/or influence rolls are often made several times during a particular social engagement. The social engagement is generally resolved when the PCs either accept the most recent reaction/influence outcome (e.g. getting a good enough result for their purposes) or give up (e.g. getting a result so bad that social interaction has effectively ended).

Particularly good or bad results do carry over into subsequent attempts, not so much in a + or - bonuses or penalties way, but in a bad reaction requires at least a very good reaction to undo way.

What parts of the above are strict RAW, RAW with various sanctioned options turned on, within the bounds of RAW allowing for stylistic/genre conventions, or not RAW I'm not sure (but would be curious to know).
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