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Default Re: Influence Skills Modifying Reaction Rolls

Look I think we are talking about two entirely different psychological constructs. Reactions are perceptions.

While influences are direct attempts at influencing behavior in the direction of a given outcome.

The initial reaction will modulate how a given influence roll affects said behavioral response.

Some influence rolls like diplomacy, are specifically geared towards affecting perceptions (such as diplomacy), it cant work if there isnt a pre-existing perception to be affected by it, its no wonder diplomacy at skill 20 gives you +2 to reactions, as its meant to reflect the fact that a guy so skilled at it would learn how to present himself in a way that is well adapted to being well perceived.

But in a situation where for instance, a guy is being approached by a seductress PC in a bar, and she succeeds in her sex appeal, I as a GM would interpret it as the equivalent of a fickle positive reaction (depending on margin), that can be rerolled at any moment as soon as the guy has a reason to become suspicious, frustrated or maybe just bored.

Its praticly impossible to create a comprehensive rule system that is capable of arbitrating human interactions without GM fiat, and there will be so many disagreements about specifics that I wonder if its worth trying at this point in time.

But as I see it, there is no end to how many reactions rolls can be called for or influence skill used because their evocation is dependant on context, game flow and GM fiat more than anything.
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