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Originally Posted by Jennifer
(2) Ethereals get power from mindshare, of which worship is only one aspect. Pop media spawns Ethereals just as readily as congregations in temples do.
Sure, but they aren't Greater Gods. IMC, there are not going to be Greater Gods Bruce Lee, Superman, Santa Clause or Mulder and Scully. That way lies madness! ;)

Originally Posted by Jennifer
(2a) Project Athena @ MIT spawned a generation of computer geeks who would refer to going online as "going to worship Athena now." (They also said things like "There's only one woman in my life and her name is Athena...") Just sayin'.
Really? I've never heard of that. But MIT people aren't really numerous. :)

Originally Posted by Jennifer
(3) Athena's portfolio includes all manner of craft, the work of the mind and hand of man. We live in a very technological age. She's also known as a weaver...

...yes, the internet (including, but not limited to the web) is /very/ much within her scope. I suspect she's cut an under-the-table deal with Jean.
Are Ethereals as capable of stretching their aspects as Celestials are about their Words? Shouldn't new technology spawn new ethereals instead of feeding the old? Athena was spawned and lived thousands of years in a world were crafts meant pottery or curing hides.

Granted, I'm not wild about the Wordstretching Jean has done in canon. IMC Jean is a minor WB and eventually I'll have an Archangel of Science.

I forgot all about Hermes. All the commerce gods must be doing well.
There are no redeeming qualities in this post.
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