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Default Skylon Aerospace Plane & Sabre Rocket Engine

I blundered across this recently. It sounds like it might actually work. If so, getting into orbit will be a lot easier/cheaper. It's supposed to require only 1/5 the mass of fuel to make it into orbit as a normal liquid fuel rocket. That would give it a GURPS Spaceships delta/v of .75 per module. That's even better than a NTR at TL 9. This seems to have been around for a while, has anyone stated it out for GURPS Spaceships? I'd go with the same cost and thrust as a HEDM rocket, but with a delta/v of .75 and liquid hydrogen/oxygen as fuel. It's supposed to only need hydrogen for fuel while in atmosphere, I'm not sure how you'd represent that.

The only thing from what I've read about this that I don't get is why they can't seem to get enough funding, also why on earth is NASA still working on a new spacecraft while this is on the horizon? BTW if my numbers are off I'd be happy to be corrected.
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