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Default Re: Grappling as parry

Originally Posted by aesir23 View Post
Additionally, any Judo Parry allows an Arm Lock or Throw without first grappling--so it's implied that the grapple is part of the parry.
In Technical Grappling terms, it would be the equivalent of a grapple for 0 CP - contact but no real restraint.

GURPS Technical Grappling also has a "Grabbing Parry" technique that's similar to Aggressive Parry and replaces the overpowered Judo parry.
Grabbing Parry replaces Hand Catch as a general case of a specific move. I agree it's similar in principle to Aggressive Parry. The offset differences in skill (Hand Catch is Parry-3, Grabbing Parry is Parry-2) are in there (if I recall correctly) because a Hand Catch is a pretty severe grapple (-4 to DX using standard rules), while the Grabbing Parry is always based on ST/2 - relatively speaking weak sauce.
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