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I just can't see her aspects giving her enough power. I rather think of her as the brains of the operation and the two others as the brawn.
For the Greek gods, the ones who strongly represent modern concepts and ideals would be the strongest, I would think -

1) Athena's domain is all areas of technical skill from crafts to warcraft. I suspect that technique/technical skill and intelligence are even more valued in today's society than in ancient Greece. Hephaestus might be a contender for this domain in areas strictly technological, or subsidiary to her.

2) Apollo fits as a Greater God, because of his varied domains - music, healing (it's him the Hippocratic Oath is sworn to), reason (arguably science by extension), prophecy, light - although his portfolio has diminished somewhat since the Enlightenment, when he was probably paramount.

3) Dionysos fits as well, as the deity not only of wine, but essentially of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and revelation through them. You can argue that Kesey, Morrison, and many others were devotees.

4) Hermes is actually a contender - he's not just a messenger, he's the deity of commerce (certainly revered in today's world) and communications on the one hand, and thieves and passage to the land of the dead on the other. His image is before us in forms ranging from the FTD logo to a statue in the fountain at my local shopping center. He's probably taken a keen interest in modern developments ranging from the Internet and wi-fi, to Lacan's deconstruction of language, to the Enron scandal, to the success of TV shows about mediums...
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