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Default Re: What would you like to see on #SJGamesLIVE?

Originally Posted by Turhan's Bey Company View Post
GURPS has seen substantial supplements covering big topics lightly discussed in the Basic Set, if at all: mass combat, vehicle construction, dynamics of solar systems and planetary environments, and so on. What are three areas where GURPS could still stand to break new ground like that?
Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Can we get Sean answering rules question in interpretative dance?
Loved the responses to both these.
Kudos to all the freelance authors with call outs but special compliments and happy nod to Douglas Cole for Action Points which got some nice love.
As to the setting thing, I am not a Zombie fan so didn't buy Dy One but probably will now just to put in a vote for the concept.
We saw something like that with Ken Hite but I think various genres could use that treatment.
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