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Default Re: What would you like to see on #SJGamesLIVE?

I've a few more:
  • Whenever I go to a new gameshop, the first thing I do is look for GURPS books. They are not there usually. How can we create more "visibility" for GURPS in general? I know that's more marketing than your areas(s), but what would you as the Line Editor/Project Manager suggest people to do? In several MIB demos in the last six months I've managed to get around 17 people not only playing GURPS, but they've been purchasing books from w23.
  • What's next for the various genre "lines"? As others have brought up, Action is finally get some love (yay!), but what about Dungeon Fantasy or Monster Hunters? Any possibilities for further lines? If so, what might they be about.
  • Can you describe in some detail the process it takes for a supplement/issue of Pyramid to go from idea to finished product?
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