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Default Re: Munchkin Panic! Hit cards

Hey, guys. This is Anne-Marie from Fireside Games and designer of Munchkin Panic. The rule is that you can negotiate with one other player to play one card during the Play Cards, Negotiate, and Get Trophies phase of your turn. Other players can't play cards willy nilly on your turn. You have to accept a negotiated card.

The terms you negotiate are limited by your imagination. The negotiation is commonly about who gets the Treasure and who gets the Trophy, but it can be about who does the dishes or anything of value to you. If you fail to establish terms, the resulting Trophy and Treasure go to the person whose turn it is currently.

The player you chose to negotiate with may play any card that works for the situation on the board. However, if he/she plays a weapon, you (the current player) must play a hit card with it. If he/she plays a hit card, you can play a weapon to go with it, but you don't have to.

There are 4 exceptions that come to mind. 1) The Gazebo must be fought alone. No negotiating for help with that Monster at all. 2) If you draw the Curse Token from the bag that reads, "Lose help on your next turn," you cannot negotiate for help on your next turn. 3) If you are playing as the Elf (using the More Munchkin Mini-Expansion), you draw an extra Treasure card whenever you win the negotiation to help someone. That is in addition to any terms you negotiated for. 4) If you play Enraged Monster Enhancer (using the More Munchkin Mini-Expansion), you can attempt to slay the Monster under attack. This is part of playing that card. It essentially allows you to try to slay one specific Monster out of the usual turn order and without consent from the other player or having to negotiate terms. If you successfully defeat the Monster, you get the Trophy and the Treasure.

This is probably more information than anyone wanted to know, but I thought I would try to cover all of the angles. The basic rule is that you can negotiate with one other player for one card on your turn. If I didn't cover something, I'm happy to address that for you as well. Happy Monster slaying! :)
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