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Originally Posted by zogo
The problem with that statement is the vast majority of Hindus aren't interested in Theology or Cosmology, not even most Hindu CLERGY! Partly because Hinduism is more a related family of religions than a religion.

His name shows up but the prayers are directed at Shiva & Vishnu. Someone with a broad view of what Ethereals get to be Greater should include Parvati, Lakshmi, and even Sarasvati(Brahma's wife) before Brahma based on the fact that all three of them have active and popular temples wheras Brahma does not.

Of course one of the other problems with Hinduism in IN is that its really hard to draw distinctions about who is a different god. Is Krishna a seperate God from Vishnu? He is often worshipped very seperately, but Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu. Are Shiva and Parvati two distinct beings? If so why is one very common depiction a half Shiva and half Parvati being?

I personally go with Siva, Parvati, Lakshmi, and Vishnu Greater After all if Odin is greater, all four of them probably should be just based on curent worship, even if we didn't have a purity crusade to consider.
I guess I'm looking more to the myths themselves and then equating beings power with their relative importance there, then altering said power relative to whats happend with the Purity Crusade-on. As the Hindu Pantheon wasn't touched by the Purity Crusade I can't justify making Parvati or Lakshmi more powerful than BRAHM! I think I'll handle the issue by making Brahm mysteriously other & generally silent when one stands before the Trimurti. He has no servitors & grants no Attunements, but all the members of the Hindu Pantheon treat him with reverance & respect. Archangels & Demon Princes are warry of him... except for Eli who goes drinking with him on the third Tuesday of every other month.

As for the Avatars, I'm generally treating them like Servitors of the Greater God that they're embodiments of.

I did actually consider making the Hindu Triple Goddess (Sarasvati-Lakshmi-Parvati/Kali) Greater Deities aswell, but I thought it would unbalance the spread I already had.
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