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Originally Posted by Blackwing
Back in the old days when hunting was more common I'd agree with you. Unless Artemis has managed to strech into the more metaphysical hunting aspects I don't think she's doing so well these days.

My list would be: Apollo, Dionysus, Shiva, Vishnu, possibly Isis.
You wouldn't put Athena on the list? She's ruling Olympus right now you realize...

Brahm may not be as directly worshipped as Vishnu & Shiva, but he equally dominates Hindu Theology & cosmology. He's invoked in many many prayers that are to the other aspects of the Tirmurti. Also I want to leave some question about the underlying nature of the Hindu Pantheon (there's a Heresy in my game amongst Angels of Dreams stationed near their domain & amongst Angels in general stationed in the Indian Sub-continent that the Trimurti are actually Celestial from the Higher Heavens who donned Ethereal Vessels much in the same way that Angels of the Lowest Heaven don Corporeal Vessels).
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