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Hi guys!

My first post, but go way.... back to owner of original Ogre while in college. ODE out of my price range but have a query for ya'll.

I'm learning a new programming language (liberty basic) and want to make a game aid that displays a map from the ogre map editor listed as a tool in this thread and then has movable (click/drag) counters layered on top of the map. No reason yet, just fun learning.

What should I call it?

Here's my starting map
This began from the ogre map editor, then print, then cut/tape into one big map (a little bigger than legal size), then scan into both a pdf and graphic file.

I'm planning on using the map as background and using sprites for unit counters. I did something similar before for a hurricane tracking app. Maybe add animation/sound effects during movement.

Thanks for any ideas

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