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Default Re: Daredevil loophole?

Originally Posted by Not View Post
I'm in trouble. I've jumped out of an airplane without a parachute, and I don't even have that skill. The GM assigns me a penalty of -30 to my die roll.
What die roll?

You could use Swimming to dive into water or Acrobatics to reduce the final distance fallen (for damage purposes) by 5 yards.

You can't roll Parachuting in the above situation, no more than you would roll for Computer Operation if you were trying to play Halo using pen and paper. Vehicle handling and equipment-using skills aren't something you roll when trying to accomplish similar goals using other methods. GURPS allows a character to do that, but you use other skills.

Originally Posted by Not View Post
But now a successful landing is guaranteed! Why? I have Daredevil. Any roll but 3 or 4 will be a critical failure, and require a reroll. It might take a while, but eventually I'll stick that landing.
Even if you rolled successfully against Acrobatics, you will just reduce the final distance fallen by 5 yards before you calculate damage. This will likely have little to no effect on falling damage from an airplane.

Even if you rolled successfully againt Parachuting skill, it wouldn't guarantee a safe or successful landing if you had no parachute. A successful roll to use equipment means you efficiently use that equipment, up to the limit of its capabilities. Even a critical success using an improvised parachute* is likely to mean a successful impact with the ground at less than the velocity you otherwise would have had, but probably several times what you wish you had.

*The preparation of which is not Parachuting skill, but instead probably Scrounging, with an option on other skills depending on circumstances.
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