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Default Re: Mass Combat battle strategy: Destroy enemy element!

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
I have a hard time seeing how there could be a generic rule for it. As I wrote before, I think the difficulty and effects would depend way too much on the specifics.

"Concentrate fire on that super star destoyer!" - "Ok, there it is, let's aim and fire."

"Concentrate on killing the enemy king and his generals!" - "Um... ok, where are they? In their rear somewhere? What about the 6,000 footmen between us and them?"

1941: "Concentrate on the enemy tanks!" - "The few anti-tank weapons we have will, and if we ever get close enough, we may try some grenades, but otherwise, most of us just have rifles and machineguns, which can't really do anything to their tanks, and they have lots of infantry too, so surely you can't mean we fire bullets at their tanks, right?"
Well, at Cunuxa, Cyrus the younger tried to decapitate the command and control of the opponent. He failed.
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