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Default Munchkin RPG Gag Game Ruling

My RPG group is going to run a gag game of the Munchkin RPG upgraded to Pathfinder for fun, mayhem, and great profit.

In the ensuing plotting, one player made their own (unofficial) Munchkin T-Shirt to qualify for Search for Treasure. The players will each hold the T-shirt at character creation. I am the Stupid DM. By RAW, they'll qualify for the Feat.

I've already gotten hidden messages for bribes for artifacts including requests for a cosmic cube (its in a book!). Does the Cosmic Cube qualify as an artifact?
My initial reaction was no (they may call it an artifact in the book he showed me but artifacts must be magic items and the cosmic cube is a science object). My player countered with Arthur C.Clarke "Magic is just science we don't understand."

I'm going to add that the cosmic cube is probably not the most game breaking item that has cropped up. One player has scribbled "Potion of DM Control" in a book, and another is taking a creative reading of the third party product called Immortal's Handbook to get a ring to make him a permanent overgod. It is all very legit and above board.

So, what is the official ruling on the cosmic cube? We still love the books, I think I bought them in Gen Con around 2002. When nostalgia strikes, I look them over and reread Intercontinental Union of Disgusting Characters.
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