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Default Re: Imbuement and Attribute Subsitution

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
This thread has a discussion of the reasonability of IQ based imbuements, by no less a luminary than Kuroshima, writer of the DF Mystic Knight
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Originally Posted by Gef View Post
I think that the enhancement Based on (Attribute) is legit for Imbuement, for +20%.
I personally would not have an issue with that. What stat is used for Imbue is left as a feature of whatever power Imbue lands in, as described by the notes on Imbuement in the Campaign section of Power Ups 1
Originally Posted by Sorenant View Post
Following up this question, is it possible to use Attribute Substitution (IQ to Will or DX) on a normal spell?
Haste/Great Haste based on Will or DX sounds quite good for for martial artists or any other DX guy.
Up to the GM, but it's AFAIR, one legit option. Attribute Substitution already warns that it's use must be vetted by the GM
Originally Posted by TheEnglish View Post
I have a player in a DF game who wants to get a little more out of his archer. He wants to add Imbuements to his abilities, but since he's a Scout, he wants to use DX instead of IQ for the Imbuement skills. I'm inclined to allow it, but would this be imbalanced, or infringe on the magic users' niche?
I would recommend that the player takes the Mystic Knight lens, if you are allowing Mystic Knights in the campaign. It already lets the character use DX based Imbuements. As for niche protection, changing professions lenses already let a character get out of his niche and into the other template's niche, and it's no different than the thief taking the swashbuckler lens to add some fencing and witty repartee to his repertoire gets into the knight's niche.
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